About Moi

Press Day for the ICR, at the office with the little one.

One grim January morning in 2009, my husband looked at me over our cups of coffee and told me I should blog. At the time I was homebound with our four children because our toddler son was still receiving intravenous antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia. We were reeling from losing my mother unexpectedly just two months before and our son's recent hospitalization, but we couldn't get out and escape into a busy life to numb all the pain. We had to stay home and make the best of it.

"You need to write, Emily," my husband said. So I started writing. I went from blogging to being a staff writer for CatholicMatch.com to writing for the Idaho Catholic Register (ICR).  (Necessary disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise.) When the kind editor for the ICR left for sunny Arizona, I took the position of Interim Editor from January 16-April 5, 2017. I'm now a staff writer, occasional photographer, and (in a pinch before Press Day) a layout-helper-of-sorts.

Our family has lived in Idaho for five years, and we still have lots to discover about it. I'm a Philly girl by birth, but I've lived all over the continental U.S. I'm the mother of six who lets her kids play in the mud, allows sprawling Lego creations to take over the living room, and thinks rewarding (ie, bribing) children with candy is perfectly reasonable. I love watching my kids grow and seeing their ideas about life take shape from imaginary worlds when they were little to intricate thoughts about politics and religion as teenagers. I homeschooled my four older kids until 2015, hence all the homeschool posts in the archives.

I married my best friend over twenty years ago. We met at a college Bible study, when I was working on my undergrad and he was on his second degree. Our relationship started with a conversation after a Shakespeare play in the park, and thankfully the conversation is still going on.

I adore old libraries with their fragrant antique books. I am a borderline tea snob; I am not a wine snob. I've found it's better to reply to email after my morning coffee. I like taking walks, going to the movies, and eating out. Because good restaurants are often trop cher, I have learned to cook and bake to satisfy my gourmet gourmand self.

Our family was Anglo Catholic, and we became Roman Catholic on August 9, 2015 (St. Edith Stein Day). I love Mass, Adoration, and sacramentals. Confession still sets my heart pumping, but I never regret going and miss it if too much time passes.

My favorite thing of all to do is sit around and talk with friends and family.



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