About Roses and Whimsy

Once upon a time there was so much going on that I didn't have time to do one of my most favorite things: tend our front garden. Despite all the neglect during a season of  illnesses and loss, the roses and other flowers bloomed magnificently in the spring.

The red roses were called Don Juans, and the one to the right was particularly cheeky. It grew with such wild vigor that its blooms stuck out all the way to the front door. Each time I passed, it tempted me to stop with its fragrance, reminding me that God loves us no matter what.

Before I took the above picture, all I did was pull a few weeds. All the annuals in the garden were planted the year before, and they should not have grown back. But the flowers rebelled against the expectations of gardening books and bloomed anyway in perfect little healthy mounds.

I had a different blog then. It became a spam magnet, so I decided to start fresh with this one. While I tinkered with it, I was reading C. S. Lewis's essay Learning in War-Time. His words about living fully in God's grace in the present without fear of tomorrow or worry over yesterday were just what I needed. When the world is shrouded with war and suffering, it takes a kind of defiance, not unlike the kind found in our front garden, to pursue the beautiful things of life. Lewis's essay focuses on intellectual work, but his thoughts can be applied to anything that brings truth, beauty, and goodness to our culture. Intellectual reflections, stanzas of poetry, flower seeds in dirt, and other seemingly frivolous pursuits are actually quite weighty in the light of Heaven.

So I named this blog Roses and Whimsy for my cheeky Don Juan and all the other gloriously God-given whimsical things of this life.

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