Sunday, October 23, 2016

Becoming Catholic: The Missing Piece

A gift from good friends on our Confirmation Day

I was asked to write my conversion story for the Idaho Catholic Register before I wrote The Day We Decided to Become Catholic, Parts I and II for this blog. Although I talk about the timely conversation between a priest and me on my blog, I share very little about what was discussed. That part I saved for the Register, which was published on October 7. (Correction: In the paper, and for two years, I could have sworn that I met with this priest on May 31, the Feast Day of the Visitation.  . . . ah, the forgetfulness of a sleep deprived mother. I finally found in an email that it was on the Feast Day of St. Joan of Arc, May 30. My eldest daughter chose St. Joan of Arc for her confirmation saint; so that's a nice bit of a coincidence. Anyhow, mystery solved and moving on . . .)

So if you want the missing piece, pop over to the link and go to page 5 (which also has a book review I did on Crime and Punishment:

To read the story in order:

The Day We Decided to Become Catholic, Part I

From Canterbury to Rome (page 5)

The Day We Decided to Become Catholic, Part II

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