Sunday, October 23, 2016

Becoming Catholic: The Missing Piece

A gift from good friends on our Confirmation Day

I was asked to write my conversion story for the Idaho Catholic Register before I wrote The Day We Decided to Become Catholic, Parts I and II for this blog. Although I talk about the timely conversation between a priest and me on in my blog, I share very little about what was discussed. That part I saved for the Register, which was published on October 7. (Correction: In the paper, and for two years, I could have sworn that I met with this priest on May 31, the Feast Day of the Visitation. Something caught my attention today though, and now I'm not sure what day it was . . . ah, the forgetfulness of a sleep deprived mother. I only can say for certain that it was a Friday, either the last one in May or the first one in June in 2014. Although I checked and double checked a calendar, it seems I still screwed up the date. No matter what though, it was an important day for me. And now for some ice cream to go with my humble pie . . .)

So if you want the missing piece, pop over to the link and go to page 5 (which also has a book review I did on Crime and Punishment:

To read the story in order:

The Day We Decided to Become Catholic, Part I

From Canterbury to Rome (page 5)

The Day We Decided to Become Catholic, Part II

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