Thursday, December 10, 2015

Adding to Giovanni's Story


I started blogging on January 16, 2009, nine days after my youngest son, who had bacterial peumonia, was released from the hospital. From the first day of blogging, I wanted to write the post Mother Mary. I would type in the title, start to write about the second night after my son's surgery, then delete it. It was too Catholic sounding, and I worried how friends and family would react. However, it didn't stop me from carrying in my heart the experience of that night. Finally writing about it nearly seven years later, still moves me to tears.

If you go to Giovanni's Story and scroll to the bottom of the posts, you will be able to read everything in chronological order. So that Mother Mary was in its proper place in the story, I date stamped it 2/7/11 to make it fit.

I have another story that was "too Catholic" to share, and I hope to write it over the weekend. The testimony of my son's illness has been incomplete, and it feels wonderful to put in what had been missing. When I'm finished writing the next "missing post," I'll edit this post with that link, too.---And here it is: Holy Grace. (I decided not to date stamp it, since it fits in well anyway.)

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