Wednesday, January 28, 2015


When I first started blogging six years ago, I had considered the use of pseudonyms for my family and myself. Most of the blogs that I read at the time didn't use nicknames though, so I decided against it. However being more involved in the internet now than I was then, I've been pondering the idea all over again.

A blogger I've followed since way back in 2008 has recently gone the pseudonym route for her husband and kiddos. The reasons she gave for the change echo the ones in my head, and it was just the impetus needed to help me decide.

I have culled out the posts that are "real name" heavy and will change them when I can get to them. I've kept my name around, but everyone else has a new moniker. Since using cute nicknames like "Cupcake" doesn't work well with teenagers, I decided to just go italiano:

My husband, Antonio, watching OU football with the baby:

Sofia, fifteen years old:

Pietro, thirteen years old:

Paolo, ten years old and Giovanni, seven years old:

Beatrice, just about to be one:

I kept my name since I'm all over the place anyway.

©2014-2015 Emily Woodham

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