Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Baby Died Today

A baby died today.

The driver of a small car pulled alongside the curb as my kids and I started to pray in front of Planned Parenthood. The baby's mother was huddled over in the front passenger seat. She rolled down her window and shouted in a voice that barely could be heard over the traffic, "I just had an abortion!" Then the car quickly sped away.

My kids heard her, loud and clear, but I didn't catch it. I thought it was just another person shouting out obscenities, yet another woman who found our peaceful prayers so offensive that she had to cuss us out. I had assumed my kids missed her words too in the noise of the busy road. But on the way back to our car, the kids told me what she had said.

We prayed for the mommy. We prayed for her poor little baby. We prayed that hearts be turned toward God and life. We prayed for an end to abortion.

More than all the name calling or rude gestures, our hearts were pained over the mommy who ended her baby's life.

"Why would she tell us that?"

"Because she hurts, and she knew telling us about it would make us hurt."

We gave our pain to Jesus, and still our hearts were tender. We had the grumpies. We wanted to watch TV and eat some of the Halloween chocolate a little early. We were sad. We were angry. We were sad some more. We mourned.

My children are in bed. They are either reading or snuggled under covers sleeping. My baby is cradled in my lap, up against my chest as I awkwardly slump and type. My baby's breathing has the sweet rhythm of contentment. She lets out a happy sigh as she dreams.

Life is fragile. There are children in hospitals, breathing for the last time while their parents weep. SIDS still steals infants in the night. Accidents happen, and innocent kids die. And then there is abortion,when babies are willfully torn apart like trash.

I don't want to think about statistics. I can't fathom all the pain. I can hear the talking heads with all their excuses, trying so hard to be deep as they make life cheap.

A baby died today.

Lord, have mercy.

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