Friday, August 1, 2014

Teaching the Classics

I've been up to my neck in books, webinar videos, and internet searches trying to prepare for the school year. I had to take a quick breath and tell you about Teaching the Classics by Adam and Missy Andrews. I wish I had bought it years ago!

I've noticed the book and DVDs for awhile, but it wasn't until our co-op leaders announced that it would be used for teaching history and literature that I finally purchased the teacher workbook from IEW. I borrowed the DVD set from a friend, and I watched them in my pjs while sipping coffee and handing toys to the baby on the quilt. The kids would creep in and out to watch with me, which they found preferable to going outside in 100 degree heat. To my surprise, they would occasionally shout out opinions about Plot, Conflict, etc. So even in a presentation intended for teachers, Teaching the Classics holds some kid appeal.

Teaching the Classics gives some great tools for the Socratic method and literary analysis. It can be used for any age or level. It can be used in any setting. I love the diagram they offer, and I also like the question lists in the back. I think this will be particularly helpful to my older two (8th and 9th grades) as they write essays and research papers.

You don't need to watch the DVDs. All of the information you need is in the teacher workbook. However, it made it easier for me to absorb the information to watch the seminar while following along in the workbook.

Now back to my stack of books. School starts in just four and a half weeks!

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