Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Transposition by C. S. Lewis is an essay for all people who know that the Holy Spirit speaks to their hearts and that the Lord intervenes in their everyday lives.  I recommend the essay to everyone. Sadly, I know too well that when someone staunchly believes that a sunset is nothing more than a logical outcome of physics and has nothing to do with God putting you in the right time and place to witness the beauty of His handiwork, there is no essay by C. S. Lewis that will convince that person otherwise.

If you take Jesus literally that He loves you so much He has the hairs of your head counted, if you've felt Him in your quiet time so that you were overwhelmed with awe and reverence, or if you believe that it's more than coincidence that the money in your change jar was the right amount (and then some) to cover the unexpected bill--if you experience God in your everyday and find that some things are simply inexplicable--this essay will encourage you and bless your socks off!

Here are some quotes:

If we have really been visited by a revelation from beyond Nature, is it not very strange that an Apocalypse can furnish heaven with nothing more than selections from terrestrial experience (crowns, throne, and music), that devotion can find no language but that of human lovers, and that the rite whereby Christians enact a mystical union should turn out to be only the old, familiar act of eating and drinking?

Where we tend to go wrong is in assuming that if there is to be a correspondence between two systems it must be a one-for-one correspondence--that A in the one system must be represented by a in the other, and so on.  But the correspondence between emotion and sensation turns out not to be of that sort.  And there never could be correspondence of that sort where the one system was really richer than the other.  If the richer system is to be represented in the poorer at all, this can only be by giving each element in the poorer system more than one meaning.

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