Monday, June 14, 2010

Ten Things I Like About Texas

I have been challenged to write ten things I like about Texas.  Actually, it was more like a dare because I was told that things are not people and therefore people cannot be on my list.  It's a shame because my favorite "things" about Texas are the friends I've made.  Alas, my "Ten Favorite People In Texas (Outside My Family)" list will have to wait.

So here it goes:

The Top Ten Things I Like About Texas

10.  The Land.  There's lots of it.  Everywhere.  It stretches for hectares and hectares.  In fact this is a good time to point out that I live in Central Texas which is different from North Texas or East Texas or West Texas which is different from the Panhandle or South Texas.  Yeehaw.

9.  The sky.  It matches the land for its vastness.  I like it 'cause it's purty.  But also it's a better tool for forecasting the weather than those guys on TV who say they're  meteorologists.  I can see a storm coming in from miles away.  I can tell if it's bad enough to put the toys in the garage or just to leave 'em all out on the porch.  The sky is better at this than the sky in Raleigh where trees and hills hem in its expanse, but then the storms in Raleigh are less apt to kill you.

8.  Maps.  Maps in Texas are a hoot.  They provide endless fun.  I think the cartographers hired to make these maps got slap-happy in the sun, reached for some Shiners, and just calculated according to their moods.  That or Californian graduates of UT decided it was time to get payback for all the billboards, pick up trucks, and Country Western.

7.  Roads.  We've driven the I-35 corridor up to Oklahoma City and back numerous times.  The conditions of the roads in Texas are better.  The layout of the roads is another matter, but we're sticking to the positives here.

6.  The Texas State Fair.  I love all the news stories that come out of that extravaganza.  We've never been and still don't have the courage to go.  It's three hours away, which means three hours in Texas traffic, followed by trying to park with Texans which could take at least another hour. 

5.  Outlet Malls.  They are a Texas staple.  I actually don't shop at them much, but they make for nice pit stops on the way to Oklahoma City.

4.  Movie Theaters.  Texas is hot most of the year.  Unrelenting sun beats down you, and it reflects off the pavement to get you from below too.  But!  They love their movie theaters here because of it.  Stadium seating is pretty standard, and the Alamo Drafthouse theaters are always showing offbeat and nostalgic flicks in a fun atmosphere (or so I've heard, I still haven't been because when we have a babysitter we'd rather do other things).

3.  Independence.  You come to admire the independent spirit here.  Texans are suspicious of all authority, especially if it's linked to the government in any way.  Strength is a virtue, especially when it comes to DIY.  Few believe in showing weakness let alone admitting to weakness. Often when I mention the words such as "interdependence" or "submission"  people become either surly or they doze off.  Still in a world that seems hungry for Big Brother to come care for all their wants and needs, Texas independence can be refreshing.

2.  Driving.  This is Texas at its most entertaining.  Texans have this quirk in that they excel at avoiding  small confrontations while frequently engaging in large ones.  You see it's completely taboo to honk your horn, even if another driver is being negligent.  You can scream, make rude gestures, and ride someone's bumper for revenge, but you must not ever touch the car horn.  When you combine this attitude with an independent spirit, you have a melée out on the roads at all times of day.  It's ironic that almost all Texans are free-will proponents because the only explanation that any Texan lives is that God is sovereign and wants them around.

1.  The Texas vs. Oklahoma Game.  Especially when OU wins.  Boomer Sooner.


  1. Hahaha! Emily, this is fantastic! Um, did I mention "sincere" in my dare?

  2. hee, hee. This morning a cousin mentioned the fact that true unconditional love is not denying a person's faults, but acknowledging those faults and loving that person anyway. I'm guessin' God wants me to *unconditionally* love Texas! :D