Monday, May 6, 2013

Abortion Is Not Compassionate

I saw a comment on a thread on ole Facebook that has irked me to no end. The woman's sanctimonious defense of abortion as a necessary compassionate act to help the poor is nothing new, but it got under my skin this time.

If you want to help the poor, don't murder them. Killing them off is not the solution. Money does not imbue someone with the right to live. Poverty does not make a person, born or unborn, less human.

Since Margaret Sanger first founded Planned Parenthood, they have touted that they are doing society a service by helping the poor destroy their offspring. For those like Sanger, Hitler, and Stalin, abortion gets rid of the need for true compassion. It's a lot less expensive for a state to just kill the unwanted than to help them live.

I have seen something remarkable in Boise: The power of taxpayer money efficiently at work. You see, the Planned Parenthood clinic in Boise hasn't been doing so well. Next door to it is an amazing organization called Stanton Healthcare. Unlike Planned Parenthood, Stanton gives women pregnancy tests and ultrasounds for FREE. Stanton will also give prenatal medical care to mothers and babies in need, and they will give postnatal care for up to eighteen months. They counsel, have parenting classes, and, should the mother want to use this option, they help the mother find adoption for her baby. Stanton, with its compassion and care, has put Planned Parenthood to shame.

But then suddenly at the beginning of this year, Planned Parenthood, which had been struggling, began to flourish. They put up billboards, they stealthily rented a new facility in the 'burbs, and they have "friendly" radio ads.

Where are they getting the money? Taxes. Your taxes and mine. We're helping to pay for this little bit of hell that's invading with a smile and cute pastel t-shirts.

What if Planned Parenthood were truly interested in helping the poor instead of murdering them? What could be done with the amount of taxpayer money that I see in expensive and strategic billboards, ads, and the new clinic? How many mouths could be fed, illnesses alleviated, classes for employment given, and schools given equipment?

If you want to help the poor be like Mother Teresa. If you want to give dignity to humanity be like St. Francis. A good friend of my mother's goes to a Muslim country where Christians are persecuted. She brings them food and supplies. She teaches them to build businesses. Muslims in nearby villages are intrigued by this, and are flabbergasted when they find themselves blessed and not cursed by my mom's friend. She helps everyone in the Name of Christ. And she started this on her own, nine years ago, with nothing but the blessing of her small town non-denominational church.

If Mom's friend can have a positive influence that is now reaching across a nation, how can we ever say that we can do nothing here when we have so much? Our nation's apathy and self-indulgence has cut off our ability to use our intellect and has numbed our hearts. How could we vote for a man who thinks Planned Parenthood is an organization worthy of God's blessing? We have been so blinded by our own gluttony and lust for self-gratification.

There is hope. There is always hope. Abortion is not compassionate, and it denies the truth of hope. By God's grace, one day our country will realize that there is nothing to gain by killing off babies.

Lord have mercy on us all.

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