Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't Give Up

I had a white board in our kitchen in Texas on which I put our family's prayer requests. One half of the board was whatever the kids wanted to pray about that day. The other half was a list of people for whom we prayed regularly, including missionary friends. To be completely honest we needed the board to stay focused or else prayers would focus on wanting to see the latest movie or to buy the next video game.

I haven't been able to use the board since the move.

In what could only be described as Providential, pictures of our missionary friends ended up in a basket which was accidentally packed by the movers and put into a box marked for storage but winded up at the corporate apartment instead. So it was easy to remember to pray for our missionary friends even in the hoopla of transition.

Then the move to the rental house came and somewhere for the last month and a half, the pictures have been buried in a pile. Yet still, by God's grace and Facebook updates, we've remembered to pray for missionary friends.

Last week, for various reasons, we got lax.

This morning when we gathered to pray I made a mental note that we needed the board back up to help keep us focused. When it was Ian's turn to pray, he paused. Then bursting with excitement, "Oh! And God bless Mr. T! And the E family! And S. E.! And N.! Oh, and B. L.!"

During the move I have fussed and worried so much over the kids' well-being from emotional to physical to academic. Writing about it, it seems such a little thing to have Ian suddenly remember our friends without any prompting from me, yet it blessed my heart. Despite all the ruckus, the Lord is still growing my kids' hearts after Him. It was a reminder that He does things I can't see and He cares for my kids individually. It was an encouragement to not give up investing the time in my children's lives, even though most of the time I swear I don't know what I'm doing. It was completely freeing to remember that it is God who grows the seeds of faith in my children, not me.

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