Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something For King's Speech Fans!

My Dad came down for our seven year old's birthday, and he brought with him some more of my Mom's stuff.  Hidden within the ancient music records (some of them from the 1930s!), were some cool newspaper clippings.

This is from February 5, 1936.  The first picture from the funeral of George V to arrive by steamer!

This is from February 1937, the first official photo for the upcoming coronation of George VI.

We loved The King's Speech.  It was so well cast, and the acting, the sets, the costume, the script--everything!--was just brilliant!  I think it's interesting that my Grandma clipped these and saved them for so long. She was 18 in 1936, and I guess she found them more interesting than movie stars.  

There is also an entire newspaper dated 1936 from Monroe, Louisiana.  I'm not sure why she saved the entire thing, but there is a picture of Wallace Simpson (a distant cousin of ours; rather infamous, eh?) with King Edward VII in it.  More interesting to me was the headline that Russians were using parts of The Arabian Nights as code in a plot against Stalin!  Of course there are all kinds of funny ads with prices on goods that are ridiculously low, like a 26 piece living room suite (tables, chair, sofa, lamps, etc.) for only $89.


  1. I like the old clipping, especially the prices. Thank you for sharing your mom's past with us. Blessings!

  2. Wow! Fascinating! It is like finding a time capsule! I'm just a bit jealous because my parents moved around so much they hardly kept anything. I have almost nothing on my grandparents.