Monday, May 9, 2011

Love Is A Glorious Thing

During one of my mother's visits to us in Raleigh, she borrowed my copy of Candles In The Dark by Amy Carmichael.  The book was packed up, then later put on the shelf with other books.  It wasn't until after her death that I finally took the book out to read it, looking for some comfort and wisdom.  What I found was that she had placed scraps of paper as bookmarks--which was her habit for marking her favorite spots.  She didn't underline, so I'm guessing from my knowing her what her favorite spots were.  Although not technically a letter, you can imagine how much it meant to me to see her little bookmarks:

The Heavenly River

Yes, the wings of anxious thought must be let down if we are to hear His peaceful words.  I have been reading some of them this morning in Romans 8.  Those blessed words about love remind me of what you say.  We need never, never fear that the stream of love will run dry.  The heavenly river, the river of God which is full of water, never will.  And so, as drop by drop we seem to be drained dry, it is only seeming.  It isn't really so.  It cannot be so.  For more love is perpetually pouring through us, 'love instead of love'.

Your friend will find it so.  All will seem to be used up, all strength, all that she has to give, and then more will come.  She will reign in life--another of the words in Romans that are fathomless.

But I know well that these are hard days.  His were hard.  We don't want ease when He had rough ways.  She is tired for His name's sake.  Jesus being weary sat there on the well.  How glad we shall be afterwards that we were allowed to be weary for Him.

Yes, love is a glorious thing, new every morning.  There is nothing to fear if there is love. 'Lord, do Thou turn me all into love, and all my love into obedience.  And let my obedience be without interruption.' (Saint Augustine)

--Candles In The Dark by Amy Carmichael


  1. Most beautiful excerpts. Isn't it heartwarming how God places these gifts along our journey at just the right moment? Looks like you had a wonderful mother. Do you live in Raleigh? Blessings to you!

  2. We live in Austin, TX now. We moved here in 2005, and my Mom died in 2008. My Mom was great in that she always turned to prayer. She'd listen and give advice, but she constantly encouraged us kids to pray and she'd pray for us. I miss that a lot! I'm so glad I didn't open the book before her death or else I'm sure I would've thrown out the bookmarks not thinking I'd find them so precious later on. Thank you for your kind comments, Petra! :)