Friday, April 8, 2011

A Quote From Mom

In case you're thinking, "Doesn't she have something better to do?"  Well, after bragging a bit about feeling so great, I did something foolish and pulled my back.  Not flat-out bad, but whimpering-in-my-tea bad.  Years ago an older friend who had back problems used to take the time to reflect on humility when her back went out.  The idea has stuck with me.  It's been a long, long time since I had to pop Advil for my back, but the idea to reflect on and pray over humility has been strangely comforting.  It turns something unpleasant into an opportunity.

Sin is always lurking at the door, isn't it?  Especially pride.

Anyway, I decided to look through my box of letters from my Mom.  She has this in quotes, but she doesn't give a reference (which is unusual for her but in her letter she mentions that she is rushing in a busy day):

He calls us not to self-indulgence, but to self-denial; 
not to a frolic, but to a fight; 
not to a picnic, but to a pilgrimage; 
not to security, but to sacrifice; 
not to comfort, but to a cross.


  1. I love this quote from your mom's notes; thank you for sharing.

    And... did you get the Bliss magazine yet? It is full of beautiful roses! I just bought mine and as I was looking at it, I couldn't but think of you! :)

  2. You are so sweet Becky! I do love that magazine! :) Your blog is looking good, by the way! I like the font that you're using. I'm glad you didn't change the black or your style! The posts are beautiful! :) God bless!

  3. A very challenging and inspiring quote. Thanks for sharing. I do hope your back gets better soon.

  4. My Mom was good at challenging me while still encouraging me. :) I'm running around again without Advil, praise God! :)

  5. Emily... I might change the color on my blog, but ONLY on the area where the post is. I am thinking of a color hat resemblances that of a Moleskine's page :)

    I am glad you noticed that I changed the font. I think that so far it is helping people to read it better. We'll see. ;)

    much love,