Monday, April 11, 2011

Mom On The Episcopal Church

Reminds me of something Father Nathan once told me:  People in the Episcopal Church think that they are going to make peace with the world.  On the contrary, Jesus came so that we could have peace with God, not 'peace' with the world.  

Goes back to the old saying that if the world likes us, we're doing something wrong.  Jesus told us we would be hated like He is.

--from an e-mail in December 2005

(Father Nathan was a visiting priest from Nigeria who lived in Oklahoma City for about ten years.  He then was ordained as a bishop in Nigeria and is serving there with his family.  When he first arrived in the U. S., he couldn't believe the state the American Church was in.  He was shocked that with all our opportunities and affluence we watched more TV than we studied our Bibles or prayed or witnessed and ministered to the world.)

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