Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have had this song stuck in my head.  I posted it on Facebook and it still won't leave my mind.  Remarkably it fits in with the lecture I heard last night (since it was informal I guess it was a "talk").  A priest came and reminded us all that the transformation process is lifelong.  No matter how old we become, until He completes the work He has begun, He is not finished with us.

I have no idea really what Coldplay meant by their lyrics, but at risk of leaving true art criticism which focuses on the artist's intent, what I hear is that when things have become unglued, when the clocks are ticking, and I find once again that I'm completely insufficient, He is my Rock, my Shelter, my Home.  Nothing else compares.

Abide in Him and let go of struggling against tides, let Him lift your head out of the confusions. Rest in the great I AM.

Lord, You Are the Home where we want to go.

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  1. Christ is my sufficiency, Amen! I just need to remember this more often than not. Thanks for the reminder! Blessings!