Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tolkien Would Be Proud

(Sunset at Golden Gardens Park, Seattle, WA)

I think one of the reasons I like Tolkien so much is that his characters are always singing.  I relate to their need to burst into song whether in battle or traveling on a lonely lane.

When Giovanni woke in the surgery recovery room, he was scared and agitated.  He had too many tubes and wires for me to safely pick him up, so I sang.  I started with a cozy, lullaby rendition of All Creatures of Our God and King.  The nurses didn't complain as it soothed Giovanni tremendously, and when I stopped, he immediately became upset.  So I kept singing in the recovery room, and as he was wheeled down the halls. Sometimes nurses would hum along.

The nurses thought the surgeon was a bit cavalier in returning us to the fourth floor rather than sending us to ICU, but the surgeon believed that Giovanni would pull through.

For extra assurance, they assigned to us a nurse who had worked in ICU and was familiar with pediatric patients who had chest tubes (which is usually handled in ICU).  She was a seasoned pro, and I'm so grateful she was there!

When we got to the hospital room, we were able to take Giovanni out of his crib and, minding the tubes and wires, carefully hold him in a nearby rocking chair.  I took the first shift and rocked him and sang to him for two hours while Antonio tried to sleep on the fold out futon. Antonio took the next shift rocking and singing.  After two hours I got up to take another turn, but Giovanni didn't want to leave Antonio's arms.  So Antonio held him and rocked him for another two hours!

Our sweet toddler said he was hungry which was a complete surprise to his nurse!  She couldn't believe he wanted to eat and was asking for food, but she said it was permissible.  She gave Giovanni a cup of animal crackers, and he ate a few.

We made it through the first night after surgery.

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