Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Turning Point

(Crossing over The Bridge of the Gods)

January 28, 2009.  It was time for his infusion at 10 am. Giovanni yanked on his Broviac, a special port for his medicine that had been inserted during his surgery.  He would sometimes fiddle with it, but he had never tried pulling on it before.

I called the home health center, and they sent one of the nurses to assess it.  She was a kind Korean-American who saw the Narnia books on the home school table and exclaimed to everyone's delight that she was a huge Narnia fan, too.   She winked and let me know how much she loved Aslan.

She said the Broviac wasn't damaged, but she replaced the dressing.  She used extra tape to keep the Broviac from moving any further.

The next day, Giovanni developed a rash.  I called, and I was told to give him Claritin.  It was thought that it could be the new dressing and tape.  By night, I had to call the Infectious Disease doctor on-call because the rash was getting worse.

Benadryl was added to the regimen of  Claritin.  And lots of prayers. 

We were scared.  We called dear friends who live in Camas, WA.  An older couple who knew us from  our newlywed days.  They listened and gave us solid comfort; they even made us laugh.

I was heartbroken though.  I decided that night that I wanted to fast, not to manipulate God but because I felt so weak and broken that I didn't know what else to do.

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