Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Next Step

(Playing in a park in Lynnwood, WA)

Wednesday morning the surgeon arrived to find Giovanni pushing a Little Tyke wagon filled with stuffed animals around the nurses' station.  The surgeon laughed as he and the attending remarked how incredible his progress was. When the surgeon left, the attending announced it was time for us to go home!

Antonio had taken the other kids to the doctor to make sure they were healthy enough to be around their brother, so a friend came and picked us up from the hospital.  We had to stop by the home health office where I needed to be trained on the use of the portable-disposable medicine IV bottles.  We also needed to pick up all of our needed medical supplies along with a week's worth of antibiotics.  My little guy was fit to be tied while we were there because he was so desperate to go home!  I kept having to stop and sing to him or walk him around the outdoors to calm him down.

When we finally arrived home, the house had been cleaned by friends, and other friends from church had left us a dinner with cake!  Also, a new refrigerator for the IV meds and a new vacuum cleaner (ours broke the day before Giovanni went into the hospital) arrived, both of which I ordered from Amazon while at the hospital. (Technology is so wonderful!)

It all worked out so brilliantly! C. S. Lewis often points out in his writings that too often when Christians pray and those prayers are answered, they will attribute the success to just happenstance or intelligence or any other rational explanation instead of giving God the glory and being thankful that prayers were answered.  So, with gratefulness to all the people who helped, I give God the glory that so many things came together in such a timely and beautiful manner.

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