Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moment To Moment

(Seaside forest of LaPush, WA)

Antionio came to be with Giovanni and me at the ER, then left when it was determined that Giovanni would stay in the hospital.  Antonio went and packed bags for the older kids who were going to stay the night at a friend's home while Antonio and I stayed at the hospital with Giovanni.  Antonio came back to the hospital with dinner and clothes for us around eight, but it seemed so much later.

It looked like Giovanni would be okay at first.  He was slightly uncomfortable, but for the most part he seemed a normal sleepy toddler who wanted to cuddle.  Then the fevers started spiking.

Tylenol.  Motrin.  Tylenol.  Cool rags.  Cool bath.  And praying, constantly praying.  It was living in the present, seizing grace moment to moment.

Nurses were constantly in and out monitoring.  Interns, the attending physician, and technicians came to check frequently.  It was not what anyone had expected.

The fever would spike to 106, and that was with alternating Motrin and Tylenol like clockwork.  His heart rate would soar to 200 beats a minute.  All we could do was wipe him with cool rags and pray.

The fever would break.  We'd all get rest for maybe an hour, but time was becoming blurry hoping that the fever would stay away, that the fever was done.  Then his heart rate would start to go up again, and the fever would spike.

First thing in the morning, they took another xray.

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