Friday, February 4, 2011

I've Got A River

(The Columbia River Valley)

Toddlers don't like CT Scans.

Giovanni was tired of the hospital, and it showed.  He hated xrays, and the machine looming in front of him was more monstrous than the opaque glass screens that everyone called "a great big camera."  Little Gio had had it.

I cooed at my feisty little one.  I tried to make him laugh.  Finally I just belted out Jesus Loves Me over the whir of the CT Scan as the tech and I did our best to hold him down.  Giovanni just screamed, but the tech hummed along with me--her signal without breaking hospital policy that she was a believer, too.

The tech quickly checked out the images in a computer room while I swayed and gently sang with Giovanni in my arms who had calmed down as soon as I lifted him off of the scan table.

The tech came out and gave me a choice because the scan wasn't very good:  Strap him in a bind to keep him from moving, or give him a sedative.  Because Giovanni already had the dye injection, we couldn't give the sedative for hours.  The choice was mine.

I prayed and thought silently for five seconds.  The surgeon was sure my son's lungs weren't that bad, but the attending was firm that he had more going on than met the eye.  It seemed so cruel, but my gut said go for the straps.  Get it done and over with.

The tech brought out a plastic papoose-like contraption, but it somehow slipped and fell onto the floor and broke!  She couldn't believe it, and ran to the back room to get another one.

She rushed back with the new stretcher, and we strapped the furious toddler down.  I found my inner folk singer and sang out I've Got A River Of Life Flowing Out Of Me.  The tech beamed.  Sometimes she and I would giggle because it just all seemed so ridiculous.  I stopped singing for awhile because I thought maybe it didn't matter, but Giovanni's screams actually intensified, so I continued to give it all I had.  I'm sure people heard me down the hall and around the corner.

At last. Done.  Got it.  The scan was perfect!  We went back to our room, and there waiting for us was one of the ladies from our church.

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  1. Poor little guy! What a horrible ordeal he suffered! Praise God for the strength He gave you and for those songs, and for a sympathetic technician!