Monday, November 22, 2010

The Screwtape Letters

After 20 years of reading the beginning of The Screwtape Letters only to be distracted from actually finishing it because of some reason or other, I determined by shear will to finish it this weekend!  I finished it this morning, and my husband pointed out to me that today is the anniversary of Lewis's going Home.  So not a bad day to finish reading this great work!

So, WOW!  I admired this man's gift in other works, and I am not disappointed in his ability to cut through muck in this one.  It was a fantastic read:  convicting and encouraging.

The most spectacular aspect of this book for me is in the area of "putting faith into practice."  Lewis has a phenomenal way of presenting the necessity of Christians to exercise their will in making choices and doing good without getting caught up in legalism or Trial By Fire Insurance (the practice of doing good in such a way that your hope is in the good works keeping your hide from difficulties instead of obedience without strings).

I also like the emphasis on practicing mere Christianity.  He brings to light all the garish aspects of false piety and how dangerous it is to Hell when we live as Christians without any "Christianity And."

The edition I have has Screwtape Proposes A Toast at the end.  It's amazing how he wrote in 1961 what is so relevant to our messy society today, especially in the area of education.

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