Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chafing Under Camel Hair

David had an interesting thought about John the Baptist:

The guy went out into the desert reading scrolls and praying--wearing camel hair and eating locusts with honey.  Came out of the desert preaching and prophesying, calling people to repentence, and baptizing them.  Gave Herod a blatant rebuke for his sin, was thrown in prison, and had a moment of doubt just before getting his head lopped off, which was then presented to Herod's niece as fulfillment of a spiteful request.

By worldly standards, John's life wasn't much--just an ascetic religious nut who got in the way of aristocratic fun. Yet our Lord and Savior eulogized John as being the greatest man ever born to a woman under the Old Covenant.

If you find yourself in a desert chafing under camel hair, not achieving the status and vainglory of your full human potential, don't worry:  You're in good company, and God doesn't see your chafing as a waste of time.

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