Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday morning my husband read Matthew 26.  After reading, he thought for a moment and said, "Wow.  Look at how rigid Judas was with his agendas!  He couldn't see Jesus for who He was because he wanted a different Messiah.  And then there are the Pharisees . . ."

My husband than expounded on how flexible Jesus was.  Our Lord was only rigid in doing His Father's will, but He was fluid through one inconvenience after another willing to joyfully serve wherever the Spirit took Him and to whomever was brought to Him.

Then consider what separates the goats from the sheep.  The goats are condemned not for what they did but for what they refused to do.  They didn't give water to the thirsty or food to the hungry.  They denied mercy.  It's an illustration of how God desires mercy over sacrifice.

Flexible.  Merciful.  Inconveniences are opportunities. 

"I've been so sick.  Can you watch the kids for me so I can nap?"

"The food bank is low.  Do you have cans you can donate?"

"Daddy, push me on the swing again and again!"

"Mommy, read the story to me, please!"

"My hamster is sick.  Please can we take her to the vet?"

Johnny skins his knee just as you're trying to get out the door for an appointment.  The dishwasher breaks and floods the kitchen.  Your husband has the stomach flu for days, then a week of overtime trying to catch up.  A flat tire; a hospital emergency; misunderstandings; a child's need to talk about the day when you have hundreds of things on your mind begging for attention.  Our lives are full of inconveniences, and we live in a world that beckons us to be selfish and in control of our own destinies.

Jesus beckons us to fluid mercy.

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  1. So true! Thank you for writing this.

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