Friday, April 9, 2010

Don Juan is back!

And he's as saucy as ever! 

Ever since I gave him residence in our garden four years ago, he has insisted on spreading his arms open wide to hand me blooms each time I pass through the front door.  Even during two years of neglect, the guy was just brazenly romantic.  How could I not love him back?

These sweet little ones seem to like it here.  I planted them four years ago too.  Logically speaking they shouldn't be here, but I'm glad their carefree smiling faces have chosen to live with their hearts.

Now here's a reminder to never give up hope!  I had determined that Miss Esperanza had bitten the dust with all the unusual cold here, but perseverance runs deeper in her veins for more than I gave her credit.

The flower bed is looking pretty good, and I see it as nothing less than the Lord's mercy to me.  These flowers and more came up when I was too busy to tend them, and it is a pleasure to lavish some work on them now that I can.  They will always be a testament to me of how Jesus loves us to overflowing.

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